Death in custody update

From “The Australian”

“THE former judge chosen by the Beattie Government to review a decision by the state’s top prosecutor not to lay charges in the Palm Island death-in-custody case has become embroiled in a conflict-of-interest dispute after it emerged he voted to appoint Leanne Clare as Director of Public Prosecutions.”

Full story – Ex-judge in Palm death case review helped pick DPP

This lack of transparency accountability and independence is not limited to this particular case
The earlier Paradigm Oz post “Give the Man a Life” is another example of the perpetrator investigating itself with no independent checks and balances

The Queensland Coroner’s court is another example of lack of accountability – no matter what it’s findings on any matter there is no obligation on the state the courts or private companies to pay any heed whatsoever to the findings

And then there is the tired old issue of an upper house in Parliament – Queensland is the only state in Australia that does not have a house of review

From the lowliest bureacrat to the Qld cabinet there are no checks and balances to contain government bias or corruption or negligence and we citizens have no right to challenge what happens

The scandal around the Bundaberg hospital only saw the light of day when hospital staff gave up sending their concerns “up the right channels” and politicised the issues beyond these official chanells

In Queensland – justice is something that must be forced by extra-parliamentary and extra-bureacracy political action
Natural justice has nothing to do with the Qld Government’s “due process”

No Queenslander can assume justice or human rights is a given of citizenship

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