The Last Post – Watch this space


This is the last post I shall write for Paradigm Oz.

 For everything there is a season, and P.Oz’s has passed.  It was my second excursion into the blogosphere, the previous one being co-writer of   Paradigm Oz was always an experiment, it began as a Palm Island News agency but circumstances changed and I only posted from the Island for a couple of posts.’s work with sustainable housing on Palm finished at the same time as I moved back to Brisbane so Paradigm Oz was reduced to an experiment to simply see what happened rather than the grandiose scheme that it was originally envisioned as.  I have enjoyed writing for Paradigm Oz and look forward to blogging again  but with something a bit different, not sure what yet but I’m working on it. 

I shall continue to post on Public Polity , hopefully more often now that I have finished here but  I will re-emerge on the blogosphere again, probably soon.  I will put a link from this site to the new one when I  start it – so stay tuned.

I will leave this site up as-is for as long as wordpress lets me.  I have not posted for a long time but am still getting a lot of visits so perhaps somebody is still interested.   I will leave the comments open for a while but shut them down when I get sick of moderating them.

“Take it easy, but take it!”

(I wish I had made that up but I am quoting Pete Seger)



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  1. John, it’s always sad to hear about the passing of a blog but I’m glad you’ll still write for us at PP. I’ve got three more sections of your “Indigenous Australia, Non-Indigenous Australia” to upload.

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