Paradigm Oz started as a prototype for a magazine and internet news agency. But that hasn’t happened. Maybe one day it will. In the meantime Paradigm Oz will be just an ordinary old blog containing the rantings and ravings of me – John Tracey, in Brisbane Australia.

I will write about all sorts of things but there will often be stuff about philosophy, politics, ecology, arts as well as lots of commentary about Australian current affairs.

Australia is an Aboriginal country.  The truth of Aboriginal society as well as the truth of the invasion, genocide and colonisation has been denied, repressed, attacked, sanitised and avoided by Australian society since the time of the Endeavour voyage until today.    I am not indigenous to Australia, I am Irish and British by bloodline.  But I still live in this Aboriginal country and, for better or worse, I know about the truth of this country’s history.   I cannot participate in the myth of Australia that was designed by Joseph Banks.   I know that the peaceful settlement of this country is a lie.

Paradim Oz will write about all sorts of things but the underlying goal or purpose of the blog is to explore and expose the real, true nature of Australia.

I welcome comments and I love a good argument. I will delete anything nasty though.

Why the name “Paradigm Oz”?   This issue is covered in the very first post https://paradigmoz.wordpress.com/2006/10/11/9/

If you want to contact me you can email       kurityityin(*)yahoo.com       (*) = @

I also occaisionally write for the blogs   “The Dead Roo”  and “Leftwrites”