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Blaming blackfellas for their lot

By Victor Hart
photo “On top of Palm Island” by Victor Hart

Not long after the Palm Island police station was burnt down by locals to express their grief at the death in custody of a well-loved member of their community, Peter Beattie, the Premier of Queensland, issued a statement saying the community council had shown poor leadership leading up to and during the community upsurge. Beattie quickly produced a five-point plan to soothe non-Indigenous outrage that Indigenous people were being “naughty people” – again. It happens all the time. Continue reading


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photographus extraordinarius

Introducing “The Bandido of Oz”, a Brisbane based photojournalist.

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Australian Landscape Art

“Kalkadoon and Pitta Pitta Country” a cyber-exhibition – words and pictures about history and landscape art by John Tracey.


Baganan Kurityityin Theresa Creed surveys her country as far as the eye can see, which is a long way in the desert.
Kalkadoon and Pitta Pitta country is in North West Queensland, Australia.
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A reponse to “Black and White Lies”

By Senator Andrew Bartlett
The senator at a stolen wages meeting in Rockhampton recently with the Fitzroy Basin Elders. (The senator is the one in the middle – ed)

A response to “Black and white lies”
An article in the Australian (national newspaper) written by William J. Lines

William Lines’ intellectually shabby and dishonest diatribe (‘black and
white lies”, 14/10/2006) is highly offensive, as well as being an
example of “ill reasoned, chaotic argument” he seeks to ascribe to
others. It is so replete with errors and misrepresentation it would
take an article just as long to correct it all.
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Contemporary Aboriginal Art

By Baganan Kurityityin Theresa Creed

Baganan (photo by John Tracey)

The Modern Day hunter gatherer
The Modern Day hunter gatherer
Make sure you come equipped
Rights to be in possession of
Equipped with the knowledge of
Transperancy spirituality
Ancient capabilities
The modern day hunter gatherer
Make sure you come equipped

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The First Post – economy and consciousness

(image “INFRASTRUCTURE ” by John Tracey)

Welcome to the first post of Paradigm Oz.
by John Tracey – the editor

“ a typical example or pattern of something; a model” or ” a worldview underlying the theories and methodology of a particular scientific subject”

“Australian” or “representing a pronunciation of an abbreviation of Australia”

Over the last 200 years Australia has settled into a particular “paradigm”. A British system of Law and justice, English language, cities, motor vehicle dependence, nuclear families, electronic communications and consumerism. Also homelessness, increasing obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and suicide rates. Continue reading


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