Ex-Judge quits

Retired justice Pat Shanahan (mentioned in previous Death in custody update) who was apponted by the Beattie government to review the DPP decision on whether to prosecute Chris Hurley for the death of Mulrunji – and one of three people who apponted the present DPP has resigned from Beatties review of the DPP’s decision

From the ABC
Palm Island reviewer quits

Indigenous affairs has been in crisis management and policy free-fall since the Goss government
This present crisis is not being dealt with by “due process” at all but by Beatties now familiar crisis management style that has seen him bounce from political pressure point to pressure point with no plan or no objectives except getting to the other side of the crisis


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  1. Wandi

    Brother John, Here is one for trivia buffs, did you know that DPP ‘Leanne Clare’ was previously Brisbane Crown Prosecutor ‘Leanne Hurley’.

    For ‘evidence’ search for ‘Hurley’ in this document: http://www.hansard.act.gov.au/HANSARD/1992/pdfs/19920624.pdf

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