The Carers Alliance – election message

The following message is from Robert Gow, Qld Campaign Manager of the Carers Alliance. The Carers Alliance are running candidates for the senate around Australia
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Hello all,
Many thanks for the support you have all given, the election draws near
 and we are getting many contacts from carers who are desperately
 seeking a better deal.

Carers are asking questions, like:
Why will Indonesian Orang-utans receive several thousand dollars each
 over 4 years when Australian Carers will only receive an average of
 $15.38 each per annum for the next 5 years according to the government’s

Carers days are numbered at the rate of interest that governments are
 showing. Will they join the ranks of endangered species though sheer
 neglect by government?

Have you seen our You Tube Video?

When you visit it please click on the favorite’s link. This will
 promote the clip and therefore the issue onto the political agenda and may
 gain us some more much needed press before Saturday.

Over the last two weeks we have published stories of difficulties that
 Carers are having with Centrelink. Many other carers have contacted us
 regarding their problems with the same body. There have been three
 overriding themes emerge:
• The officiousness and inflexibility of Centrelink staff
• The rudeness and flippancy of Ministerial staffers, and
• The non-responsiveness to issues raised by carers with Ministers,
 Shadow Ministers and local Federal members (not even the courtesy of a

It has become clear that carers are a home grown endangered species.
  We are a finite resource – we will not live forever. We cannot continue
 to be exploited as a perceived cost effective alternative to a
 properly funded community support system. Governments are consigning carers
 and our sons, daughters, family members who require support and
 assistance, to the scrap heap.

Many of the 2.6 million Australian Carers and the other people that
 they influence (estimated to exceed 6.5 million) will ask “How do I make
 my vote ensure a future for our carers if neither party is serious about
 the issue?”

There is only one option; send a carer to Canberra and force government
 to take notice. A vote for the Carers Alliance Party is the only
 course of action for voters that want to influence the next government to
 make critical changes before carers are extinct in our population.

Without support Carers will become an extinct sub-species of the
 Australian community. Most are at breaking point and many are desperately
 beyond. At current rates of neglect many of the 2.6 million carers will
 join the ranks of those who need care. It will become a vicious circle
 and where does that leave the country?

Once again, please forward this to your mailing list and request that
 they do the same.
Don’t forget to visit the web site, We
 have had over 80,000 hits this month alone.

so many thanks,
Robert Gow,
Qld Campaign Manager
Carers Alliance



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2 responses to “The Carers Alliance – election message

  1. Patricia J Gamble

    I was slapped with a cut of support/carer allowance after a wrong advice given to me by Centrelink staff and rudely treated as if I were bludgeoning the taxpayers’ money. I had been explaining to them the behaviour of my husband whenever he has a trigger of high swing with his bipolar as a yearly cycle of his episode that he would declare himself separated from me (because he wanted to freely practice illicit sex) but still would continue to connect with me for continuing care. I explained to the Centrelink staff about his weird bipolar behaviour and how I handled this but Centrelink staff remained inflexible and due to their lack of knowledge and experience in handling mentally ill people and their carers, they just would go ahead to declare that I no longer had no one to care for and so they had just cut my support. I was devastated by this decision, I wasn’t given sufficient respite leave, no sufficient financial support, rent support was cut off, etc. and I was left to deal it all alone. I had developed panic and anxiety attack, head aches, nausea, fear of being alone, etc. Centrelink staff would just respond that I should seek help somewhere and that they could not help me because their area of responsibility was simply to release money for supports and make decisions for approval or disapprovals!!! Government hasn;t done much of its responsibility to look after mentally ill people and they actually bludgeon the carers who are paid (can’t even call it a pay) with very very minimal amount to share with the needs and expenses of the one cared for and even left with debts to handle. Where are the psychiatrists, psychiatric wards, nurses, professionals who should be looking after mentally ill people????? Since first week of October up until now, my support has been cut and I had made appeals for considerations but the response was – that it would be studied ??????

  2. Yes Minister

    Be EXTREMELY wary of groups that claim to be interested in supporting carers as certain of them are funded largely by the very departments we are challenging. For example I notice one of the most prominent carer groups have posted a video on YouTube recommending the QLD Public Trustee. Surely nobody with even one functional grey cell would be so deranged as to promote that mob of inept arrogant parasites.

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