“Unlikely Travellers” voted best documentary at IF awards


Congratulations to Michael Noonan and John Hart and for their film “Unlikely Travellers” winning the Inside Film (IF)  award for best Australian  documentary.

“Unlikely Travellers” will be screened on the ABC over the next three weeks beiginning Monday November 19 at 8pm.  more details here. 

Here is my review of the launch of Unlikely Travellers in August –   movie review

UPDATE – While Unlikely Travellers is now recieving the acknowledgement and praise that it deserves, the controversy and condemnation is continuing at Irish Indymedia – here  and at the Courier Mail – here 



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3 responses to ““Unlikely Travellers” voted best documentary at IF awards

  1. do you know if there’s any way to see this in Germany? or anywhere I might get it?

  2. aditive,

    according to their website you will be able to buy the DVD next year – http://www.unlikelytravellers.com/buystuffUT.html

    The contact for the international distributor is on this page – http://www.unlikelytravellers.com/contactusUT.html they might be able to tell you if it will be screened in Germany


  3. Jacqui Rimington

    This was a fantastic documentary! I am definently not one to be engaged by these types of films but it definently got my addicted.

    With it being such a great film I have chosen this to be my key text for my HSC this year.

    Thanks for providing such great material to work with!

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