Sydney terror threat thwarted in lead up to APEC.

                                                                      gough-wheelchair.jpg                                                     Terror suspect prevented from boarding plane at Sydney airport on Saturday.

A 91 year old pensioner with suspicious political affiliations was caught up in Australia’s front line of “The War On Terror” on the weekend. 

 The pensioner,  Mr. Gough Whitlam, was on his way to meet with Aboriginal terrorists in the Northern Territory, possibly at an Al Quaida  training camp.

 Mr. Whitlam’s terror  plot came to an abrupt end when he was asked to take his shoes of by airport security officers.

The 91 year old declared his militant commitment to Jihad and the demolition of Western decadance by defiantly proclaiming “they would have made me take my shoes off and I’m buggered if I’m going to do that,”

Mr. Whitlam who is allready known to security forces including ASIO said “Ordinarily they know me there and they just let me through, but with APEC they’re going to be extra officious so I decided not to go.”

Proof that we are all safer with the APEC police state.

(Sydney Morning Herald story



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2 responses to “Sydney terror threat thwarted in lead up to APEC.

  1. pepetra

    Ugh! Grow Up

  2. C’ Mon give Gough a Go! He’s the PM, he 91 what could he possibly do? Good on you Gough for not be bothered to take yourshoes off!

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