Censorship by the Wilderness Society, what next?

The above headline was Tony Jones, the anchorperson of ABC’s Lateline program’s comment about the Wilderness Society refusing to allow the media into their concert in Sydney on the weekend.

 The concert was picketed by a group of Cape York Traditional owners headed by Young Australian of the Year, Tania Major.

According to Lateline “The Aborigines say the environmentalists are treating them in a colonial manner by pushing for the World Heritage listing of Cape York without consulting the Indigenous people who call the area home.”

More details here Rift widens between Cape York traditional owners and green movement

I have written before about the colonial perspectives of the environment movement, in particular the Wilderness society. see this link The environment movement and Aboriginal Australia – the debate heats up.

 I apologise for not writing a full article today but I am busy getting ready for tommorows picket.  I shall return to this subject again in the future as I believe this clash, and a proper analysis of it is central to the green movement coming to terms with Australian reality and indigenous notions of country.


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