new website launch – “Queensland the Cruel State”

Negligence one day, cover-up the next! 

Before you visit Queensland be sure to checkout   “Queensland the Cruel State”

This website is designed to warn people with impaired capacities, their families and travel associates of the dangers of Queensland’s guardianship laws.

 Queensland is the fastest growing state in Australia, with people from other states immigrating every day.  Given the secrecy of Queensland’s  guardianship laws, many people with impaired capacity or their families are ignorant of the dangers they are walking into. 

Most people think Queensland is a  safe holiday destination.     It is not if you or one of your fellow travellers have  impaired capacity.

“Queensland the Cruel State” is still being developed but will be ready to be launched on the Picket on 29th Aug ( see  Picket – Expose the Qld. Office of the Adult Guardian. Stop neglect and cover-up.)  The link will be posted on websites, forums and blogs around the globe that offer Queensland travel and tourism information as well as on Australian real estate websites featuring Queensland property.  Please feel free to help and distribute the link.


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