Will Australia invade Poland before the federal election?



I stole the above election posters from the Broken Left Leg.

The following is an article I wrote for the Dead Roo .  I have reproduced it here for no other reason than as an excuse to publish the posters.

Will Australia invade Poland before the federal election?                     There have been two very disturbing developments in Australian totalitarianism lately. One is the federal government’s overruling of a Brisbane Magistrate’s who allowed Dr. Haneef, the doctor accused of a connection to the recent bombings in the U.K. to be released into the community on bail. The magistrate’s bail ruling referred specifically to essential principles of law such as the presumption of innocence. The federal police offered no evidence whatsoever that the doctor was a risk to the community. But the immigration minister unilaterally withdrew the doctor’s visa on character grounds meaning he must be detained in an immigration detention facility – with no evidence of any illegal intentions of the doctor.

Queensland senator Andrew Bartlett was in the Magistrate’s court for the bail hearing. He reports on it on his blog   http://andrewbartlett.com/blog/?p=1590

The other totalitarian move is the federal governments appeal against the Northern Territory’s court’s sentencing of protesters who trespassed on the Pine Gap military facility. They were charged under the draconian Defence Special Undertakings Act 1952 and received fines totaling thousands of dollars. However the federal government is appealing against the leniency of the sentence in an attempt to have the protesters gaoled for significant lengths of time.

“The Bush Telegraph” is discussing the issues in “Crime and punishment” and some of the protesters have contributed to the discussion. http://bushtelegraph.wordpress.com/2007/07/15/pine-gap-4-crime-and-punishment/#comment-1547

 These two situations follow closely behind the Federal government takeover of Northern Territory Aboriginal communities.   And they haven’t even called the electon yet.



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2 responses to “Will Australia invade Poland before the federal election?

  1. Cool posters.

    It was good to see Kerry Nettle getting some air time today condeming the treatment of Haneef. As always, the Greens are left doing the leg work of being the real opposition.

  2. It appears Broken Left Leg is trying to start a web campaign to Free Dr Haneef.

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