Jackboots in Paradise – Police at Doomadgee

This  video on You-tube “The kidnapping of Gregory Brenton”  is of an incident at the Doomadgee Aboriginal community in North Queensland. It indicates a clear lack of respect by police for Aboriginal residents of the community. As the video shows the police just marched into a private home and grabbed someone, not bothering to state their reasons until after a scuffle had broken out. Connected to the police’s obvious disrespect for those they are “serving” is their casual disrespect for proper protocols and procedures such as informing someone why they are being arrested before they are arrested.As Doomadgee is not in Queensland this incident has nothing to do with the recent federal government police and military interventions into Aboriginal communities. It is an indication of the day-to-day, business-as-usual situation of policing Queensland’s Aboriginal communities. No matter what fine rhetoric is employed by Queensland Premier Peter Beattie, John Howard or Mal Brough this incident shows how ridiculous it is to expect Aboriginal people to turn to the police for help in situations such as child abuse or any other sensitive matter. Whatever the indigenous policy at a state or federal level it will certainly fail when the grass roots of the public service, especially the police administer the law and social programs with such an attitude of disrespect as shown by the police in this video.

Four people other than the man arrested in the video have been charged as a result of this incident showing how such poor relationships between police and Aboriginal people is a major and direct contributing factor to the over representation of Aboriginal people in the criminal justice system.

More information about the Doomadgee incident on the National Indigenous Radio Service news site.


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