Doing battle with the devil – what? Has he gone crazy and turned Christian or something?

DANGER – The devil lurks amongst us trying to convince us of our own illusions.


I may have gone crazy but I have not turned Christian.   I am just enjoying the license to be idiosyncratic which is the privilege of a blogger.   If you read beyond the post titles on the following 3 bible studies published recently on Paradigm Oz, you will notice a respect for the ancient stories of the bible but a disdain for the Christian church and its ideology since they were created by the Roman empire a few hundred years after Jesus.

Jesus in the Wilderness

The problem of sin         

Jesus is an Aborigine            

I have a similar respect for Rastafari, Osho and Buddhism as I do for Jesus and no doubt I will similarly pontificate on these  in future posts.   It is not that I don’t respect other disciplines, I just don’t know too much about them.

Apart from my self appointed license to idiosyncrasy, I have, and probably will continue, to put this kind of thing on Paradigm Oz. to encourage readers to consider notions of spirituality. If their was a single point of critique that I would have of Australian and Western Industrial society is that it lacks a spirituality. I am not suggesting the answer is not to pick and choose from amongst available religious packages for that is not the nature of spirituality as I would define it.

I know a lot of people, especially Marxists hate the word “spirituality” and I acknowledge that the word has many meanings to many people and is therefore meaningless. So I choose to use the word but it does need a definition. CONSCIOUSNESS is part of my definition. The weird and wonderful psychological matrix of past experience is not our consciousness, although Marxists and others use the word that way e.g. “The workers can only achieve trade union consciousness” “Consciousness” “like spirituality”needs further definition. Consciousness is about our ability to perceive and be conscious of that which is around us and affecting us.   ”Consciousness” as used by the Marxists is what I would rather call “socialisation” – the ingrained habits of our lifestyle and mind based on the plethora of experiences that we have had.   Consciousness is our capacity to experience these things, it is that which does experience these things.   However our socialisation, or psychological scarring, can dominate, obscure and disable our mind to the point that that we lose the capacity to be conscious of our world.   Instead we construct a notion of the world based on our socialisation and past experience and no longer seek to experience the world in its fullest in every moment because, according to our mind’s habitual logic, we already know all about the world. In our mind we have a concept that is complete in the same way that Pavlov’s dog knows there is food coming when Pavlov rings the Bell – whether the food is coming or not. Similarly in the past you could be burnt at the stake as a heretic for suggesting the world is not flat and it revolves around the sun. Everybody knew this was not true – whether it was true or not.

Consciousness is the capacity to dispel and transcend all assumptions, knowledge and prior experience, even if only momentarily. The times at which our socialisation dominate our mind are the times that we are not conscious, that we are blind slaves to self generated illusion. My critique of Australian and western society as lacking a spirituality is that individually and collectively we are not conscious to reality, instead we cling to illusions such as the peaceful settlement of the country or the lack of need for urgent and drastic social change to simply survive as a species. But instead we continue with our mega-consumerism, a level of affluence never before seen in the history of humanity, and pretend that if we recycle plastic bags everything will be alright. The reality, that we all really know, is big and serious but this knowledge is repressed and denied and avoided as we get on with our daily habits. Or, as the above link on “sin” suggests, we obsess about morality and good and evil which totally distracts us from any mode of healing and growth in dealing with times of trauma and crisis.


Such transcendence from socialisation is not a naturally occurring thing, unless you are a new born baby. Once our social habits and relationships begin we lose contact with our capacity to see clearly. Such post-socialisation transcendent consciousness requires a discipline – a manipulation of environment, a socialising force to provoke a transcendence from preconceived notions. Some say you can do this with hallucinogens, by dismantling socialised experience thus laying it bare as merely an illusion. Of course the hallucination is also an illusion and those who believe what they see on a trip miss the point. But hallucinations are used as teaching or healing then the purpose is to dismantle the psychological validity of all prior knowledge leaving an open and unrestricted universe to consider and experience on its own terms.


The discipline of consciousness is similar to physical exercise to make a muscle grow. The more you do it the stronger the muscle gets. If you fail to exercise the muscle it atrophies and loses all capacity.

The many world philosophies have created tricks to trigger this consciousness – drugs, hypnosis, physical scarification, childbirth, meditation etc. I must however say that the majority of practitioners of these things (including mums) seem to be absorbed in just another illusion rather than transcending any illusions. However when the state of psychological vulnerability of these occaisons is used to hypnotically UN-suggest reality rather than suggest reality then a person can, in Jesus’ words, be born again.


Now, I’m not just talking about transcendent consciousness as blissful states, astral traveling or levitation, though that stuff is all good and groovy.. I am talking about fixing the broken electricity cord rather than leaving it to walk past every day pretending to yourself that you haven’t noticed, or reading between the lines when you hear a politician talk. It is about being able to walk out of an abusive relationship without guilt. It is about invention and creativity – seeing things that have never been seen before. It is about human relationships, about seeing suffering and responding rather than turning the channel on the T.V. It is about reducing greenhouse gasses quick-fast rather than procrastinating until it is too late. And in terms of the themes of this blog it is about us Australians facing up to the truth of our history without repressing the hard stuff.


DANGER – The devil lurks amongst us trying to convince us of our own illusions.



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