Jesus is an Aborigine!

The following is my 10 cents worth that I posted on the Christian Anarchist website “Jesus Radicals” .  They have a forum on indigenous issues

The first thing to realise in any discussion about Jesus and indigenous people is that Jesus himself was an indigenous person. The very first chapter of the new Testamant – Mat 1 – identifies Jesus’ connection to his country through his bloodline in the same way that Aboriginal people understand their connection and sovereignty. (It must be noted that Jesus’ royal bloodline comes through his father Joseph, not his mother, suggesting a serious flaw in the virgin birth theory).

Jesus and his clan lived a tribal desert existance. His band of disciples was not a collection of inspired idealists attracted to the vibe of his teaching. They were his brothers and sisters and cousins, his mother and his significant others such as Mary and Salome, all trying to remain faithful to the god of their ancestors..

Tribal Palestinian life was similar to Aboriginal life including the oppression of invasion and colonisation, in Jesus case his holy land was occupied by the Romans and today this land, Australia, is occupied by a foreign force. The lifestyle of the book of acts has much more in common with an Aboriginal clan’s campsite than it does with European notions of christianity, all of which are the legacy of Roman imperialism and the co-opting of the term “christianity” and the bible as pillars of the new universal (catholic) Roman empire. The Australian church and notions of religion are just colonial illusions to destroy the old spiritualities that formed the strong bonds between people and country, such as Palestinian Hebrews 2000 years ago or traditional Aboriginal culture today.

The task for christians is not to teach the bible to uncivilised animists but rather to learn from the history of God looking after his chosen people in this country for thousands of years, just as God looked after the people of Israel in the Bible histories.

Many non-Aboriginal anarchists see the spiritual task as rebellion, to resist. But this attitude is of itself a colonial notion, born of the status quo, defining reallity totally within the frameworks of the dominant paradigm, which must be resisted because of their inherent corruption and violence. However the message of the bible, including Jesus, is to Rebel against the consciousness of the Romans and corrupted priest class but to remain faithful to the spiritual law of the land. Mat 5.17 “Do not think that I came to abolish the law or the Prophets; I did not come to abolish but to fulfill.”
Many non-Aboriginal christians see God’s law or the Kingdom of God as nothing more than a state of mind of the faithful, allegience to a mystical unseen social order, but this notion has nothing to do with notions of God’s law as represented in the Bible. Gods law is the rules for material life for God’s people living on God’s land. Old testament law gets very specific including health regimes and divorce law, as does traditional Aboriginal customary law.

The challenge for christians is to learn from the spirituality, sociology and consciousness of indigenous people in order to begin to understand what the bible stories of tribal hebrews are all about. As long as we continue to identify with the “church”, the same church that was the frontline of breaking down the old spiritualities in this country, then we are following the same path as the pharasees and saducees in building an illusion of religion that is just an analgesic adherence to the dominant morality of the imperial state.

see also “Fire and Brimbstone, the problem of sin”



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4 responses to “Jesus is an Aborigine!

  1. Hi ,
    I found you from

    Great piece on Jesus being an aborigine. The parallels are striking and true.

    I just found your site and read some interesting things there. Keep up the good work.

    I have released a book
    Jihad, According to Abraham and the Prophets, you might find something in it.
    Robert Roberg

    the book is at

  2. blackfella

    well I,m a Aboriginal person. so you don,t have to be Australian Aboriginal to be indigenous to your land. hey even you whitefellas are indigenous to england and Ireland. but no Jesus is not of our Australian Aboriginal race, and guess what we don,t need him to be, we already got that link with the creator always have always will. so I don,t get your point.

  3. Hi Blackfella,
    We are all Aboriginal people to our own land somewhere, as you say.
    “Aboriginal”, “Indigenous” and “Indian” all mean the same thing – the first ones. People all over the world call themselves Aboriginal, especially Canada. Jesus is an Aborigine to Palastine, but more accurately he is of the tribe of Judah. Just like you are an Aborigine, the English word, but you are really whatever your mob is.

    My point is that Jesus’ connection with his country is similar to your connection with your country. (it is the one earth, after all). Therefore all the whitefellas (and blackfellas) who think Jesus has blonde hair and blue eyes and lives in the suburbs with his labrador like a church person have simply missed the point.

  4. Paul Melohn(dALEY)

    actually I dant beleive in God he said i am what i am if he was Koori he would say (i is what i is) religin is a sore spot in my life sory if i afended anyone.

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