Palm Island charges update

The following is a message distributed by ANTAR Qld.

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Dear friends,

After the announcement of the pathology reports on the death of Mulrunji, there were protests from the Islanders and the police station burned down.  A large police force was sent to the island and many many people were arrested and given very harsh bail conditions.Five men, accused, I believe, of being the ringleaders of the protests, are being tried in Brisbane, starting on Monday 5th March.Many of you will have heard one of them, Lex Wotton, talking at the Rally in Brisbane on 26th January and also at the Towards Indigenous Self Determination Workshop on 27 January.I think that some of the families of the accused men will also come to Brisbane to support them. I believe that it is helpful to the men and their families to feel support from the wider community so, if some people can come to the Court and be there, in the public gallery, it would be great.

The best information I have is: It will probably be court 7 in the District Court Complex (on George St), beginning at either 9:30am or 10:00am. But we can’t confirm that until Friday afternoon. I have been told that T-shirts with strong messages are probably not very helpful .. 

The trial is likely to last for several weeks, so no worries if you cannot get in on the first day – it is really good to have ongoing support.

Also, I believe that the men may be having financial problems, especially those who have had to take leave from their paid employment, to be at court. I hope to know more about this, and whether their accommodation is being paid and they get a living allowance from ????  next week. So when we do know more we will let you know.

It could also be very helpful to keep a watch on the medial reporting of the trials – if you think that the reporting is biased or distorted, do let them know. 

(end of ANTAR message)

also from ABC Online

Two more men have been sentenced for their part in the 2004 Palm Island riots in north Queensland.]


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