The last (unofficial) post

Well it’s the day before “Australia Day” 2007, the promised launch date of Paradigm Oz, from which time onwards I can proudly respond in the affirmative if I should ever be asked the question “Do you blog?”.

This is the last test post!

I am still off-line and posting 1st drafts from internet cafes so I can’t yet write the sort of stuff I want too.  I am happy to give a few personal opinions here and there and provide interesting links from time to time but I am still looking forward to being able to write some deeper and considered pieces, especially from Palm Island when I eventually get there after Marley’s court case in Feb (see previous post “Give the man a life”)

In the meantime I will blog as often as I can – aiming at at least 2 a week but when I am back online I will post daily.

I suppose the “blog” idea is to give a bit of a personal diary as well as pontificating on the meaty issues of the world and this is a challenge I am looking forward to. 

Over the last couple of years my partner and I have beeen trying to develop a range of projects from cultural education to housing developments.  Unfortunately personal issues including health issues and Marley’s situation have scrambled our plans over and over again – but we are still pressing on.  But even while we are still pushing shit uphill and not yet achieving the things we are trying to do, there are still things to discuss.  In fact I have channelled much of my frustration into posting on other people’s blogs over the past year – espeacially Andrew Bartlett’s -as a sort of therapy through the hard times.  This is part of my own motivation for writing my own blog – even when things are going disasterously with little hope in the real world – the infinite world of the writer is not determined by what is really happening in the real world, it is an escape and a biased commentary where the writer can assume their ordained position at the right hand of God and pontificate infallible truths to the rest of the world who simply just do not understand.

I’ll see you tomorrow after the Brisbane invasion day March with the first official post of Paradim Oz.


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