Blogging on the run

Well, shit happens doesn’t it!

Just as soon as I decide to start blogging regularly my computer decided to die.

However, this bloggazine sooner or later will be published from Palm island and hopefully many other places too as I travel around.  I had anticipated that much of what I will write will be done at internet cafes and such places.  (The contraversial and illegally built Palm Island Police and Citizens Youth Centre is the only public access computer on the Island) The demise of my computer has just hastened this inevitable development and this is my first post on the run.
The “Grand Launch” of Paradigm Oz will be on January 26 – invasion of Australia day.
From that day the blogazine will contain articles from some of my guest contributors but between now and then it is just me in ordinary blog mode.

Just an update on Marley’s situation (the reason I am not on Palm Island right now)

Bacckground – “Give the Man a Life”

Marley is back on the streets where he has spent most of the past 2 months. The Adult Guardian are still refusing to allow him to visit his family on Palm Island offering nothing more than a referral to a local Brisbane homeless agency. The Public Trustee are still refusing to allow him money for clothes or for accommodation. They are insisting his wage remains at $150 p.w. and he still has no way of accessing this small pittance.

I have complained up every possible channell to try and get some help for Marley but all legal roads go to the Adult Guardian who is both investigator and investigatee.

I have been astounded at the callous disregard for the humanity of Marley throughout this whole process.   I could have understood a bit of burecratic laziness or ignorance. But despite the clear facts that a disabled man is still living on the streets with no state agency being able to provide him with healthcare, food, clothes or accommodation is absolutely disgusting. The fact that they are preventing his family from intervening – for no given reason – is outrageous.  The fact that he can afford to buy his own house makes the whole situation absurd.

The earliest opportunity for anything to be done about this situation is a Guardianship and Administration Tribunal hearing on Febrary 7. There seems nothing that can be done for Marley until then (except of course what the state authorities could do if they chose to) so it seems Marley will remain homeless and without any means of support except begging until then.

I ask again, please send letters of concern to the email addresses on “Give the Man a Life”

Stay tuned to Paradigm Oz for more updates


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