The birthday of our lord Jesus Christ


Just because we cant get to Palm Island straight away doesn’t mean I cant start this little blogazine up anyway
I’ll keep you updated about our Journey along the way
So I thought I’d write a christmas message – being that time of the year

What is Christmas?
Jesus was born in March or April
But anyway
Christmas is supposed to be about Jesus
Who is was Jesus?
Jesus was a tribal Aborigine of Palestine
He was born in Bethlehem – A sacred site to his tribal roots back to King David
Jesus resisted the occupation of his sacred territories by Rome – the same Rome that would later claim his name as the state religion to conquer other territories well beyond Palestine or Rome

You know what really pisses me of about those who use the bible to say the end times are coming? They either ignore or disbelieve the timeframes given in the biblical prophecies such as the book of Revelation
Just as was predicted – the Romans invaded Jerusalem and smashed everything that was sacred to Jesus and the Hebrew nation
After the beast smashed the homeland it killed tortured and imprisoned christians for centuries
Then it adopted the facade of the Lord Jesus
Roman Imperialism is clearly the Anti- Christ predicted in the new testament and within the timeframes of those predictions
What is sin – these things that might prevent Santa Claus (an invention of Coca Cola) from giving us presents
The book of Genesis – the first book of the Old testament – says that sin started in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve eating of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil
When Adam and Eve did sin they became aware of their nakedness and were ashamed
God said “who told you you were naked?” and he blamed her who blamed the snake

Tribal Aborigines of this country were naked before colonisation but now many are shamed of their nakedness
And God said to them – as he did with Adam and Eve – “who told you you are naked”
“The missionaries” they said
The same evil one that lead Adam and eve into sin and shame disguised as a snake in the Garden of Eden came to this country disguised as men and women of God
And just one final word on the virgin birth
The first book of the New testament – Mathew – in the first chapter clearly outlines Jesus’ Royal bloodline through his father to King David
The virgin birth is a myth of the Roman Anti-Christ to disconect Jesus’ heritage from his bloodline and country to justify its imperial universalism

Merry Xmas


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One response to “The birthday of our lord Jesus Christ

  1. Rob

    John, I can’t work out where you’re going with this and I’m not going to agree with a lot of what you write, but all the best with what seems a great endeavour.

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