Get real about Aboriginal deaths in custody

Regarding the review of the DPP decision whether to prosecute the policeman who – according to the coroner – killed Mulrunji in the Palm Island watch house

Commentators will continue the debate about the role of the DPP but the real historical fact is if justice is not done or seen to be done – not just for this one incident of a death in custody – but all of them then there is every chance that someone somewhere will take the law into their own hands and take an eye for an eye – and there has been 3 deaths involved in this one incident as both Mulrunji’s mother and son died of broken hearts because there was and still is no justice or resloution

We have all seen Aboriginal people say such things at Rallies on the TV – calling for Aboriginal law since the white law has proven itself to be meaningless

It has gone a long way beyond a quibble about due process and coming close to civil war

Redfern rioted Palm Island Rioted Wadye rioted and many other places regularly riot but the TV cameras weren’t there so we remain ignorant of it

The headlines of the riots pass and we think everything has settled down but it hasn’t

Petty bickering over the DPP’s decision by those who do not feel the pain of what has happened not just the death but the whole process since – and will not bear the consequences of what will or will not happen – miss the magnitude of this situation

reports and reviews dont cut it anymore
Aboriginal people are desperate and flashpoints such as the riots or the altercation between Mulrunji and Hurley are common and easliy triggered because of a total failure of policing and law and order polcies in Aboriginal communities combined with an intense mutial disrespect between police and their Aboriginal clients as a direct result of things such as Mulrunji’s killing

If our constitution allows for the sacking of a prime minister in an emergency there can be no question that such an explosive conclusion as the coroners report must be put to trial by any means necessary


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