Click up for David Hicks


Australian citizen David Hicks has been detained in Guantánamo Bay for nearly five years. The Australian government must act to bring David Hicks home to face a fair trail or be released.

Click here to Amnesty International’s David Hicks campaign and send an email to the Prime Minister



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2 responses to “Click up for David Hicks

  1. Mount Druitt

    David Hicks shot brown people in India. Whose side are you on?

  2. John Tracey

    Mt Druitt

    There has never been any evidence released about what hicks did or did not do
    Cheap shots such as your own are not based on anything except the spin coming from the US militatry -such as WMD in Iraq
    My concern for hicks is because he has been held without trial for 5 years
    If he did do anything wrong then he should be tried and punished – by a real court, not just baseless public gossip such as what you have offered

    No matter what my own son did – even if he did kill someone – then I would expect him to have a trial
    The pain and anxiety that Terry Hicks is suffering is something that touches me deeply as a father

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